At Capstone Training, we work to ensure that all clients experience the joy of riding as well as the satisfaction of improving their skills in a safe, fun, and positive enviroment.

      Trainer Whitney Spicher is passionate about training horses and riders. She is an accomplished horsewoman with a reputation for being able to work with all types, including helping solve behavior problems, restarting off the track thoroughbreds, and accepting (and loving!) horses of every breed, shape, and size.


     Striving to bring out the best in each horse is a process she truly enjoys. She takes satisfaction in helping horses and riders fulfill their potential. Without a doubt, groundwork and dressage are a critical part of the foundation of the training process for every horse and rider in Whitney's program.


      Whitney started riding at a very early age, and her love of competition started on ponies in the hunter ring. At age 8, she tried cross country for the first time, and there was no looking back! Along with her love for galloping cross country, she truly loves and appreciates the art of dressage. Whitney has participated in many horse sports ranging from team penning to fox hunting, combined driving, and beyond. She is proud to be a well-rounded equestrian, although her heart has always remained in 3-day eventing.


     She has gained experience up to the Intermediate and FEI 2** levels and has successfully brought numerous young horses up the ranks of the sport. Currently, she is working with her own young horse, Excel Star Hijinx, affectionately known as Niall. In addition to her hands-on training, she continues to expand her expertise and knowledge, striving to acheive new milestones in her career.


     She is also a huge supporter of the United States Pony Club and credits her participation in USPC for helping her learn so many useful horse care and management skills. Whitney recieved her "A" rating in Pony Club at age 17. She truly believes in continued education and has mentors in the industry and attends clinics regularly. 

     At age 20, Whitney earned her BA in Psychology at the University of Washington. This degree helps her help others as psychology is a HUGE part of riding and being a successful equestrian!

     We also have a fabulous beginner instructor available for lessons. Laura is wonderful with beginners of many ages, but specializes in teaching children. Parents and kids love her positive attitude and how she keeps every lesson fun! She is an eventer herself, and is dedicated to her own development as a rider and teacher through lessons, clinics, and being very involved in Pony Club.

At Capstone, our performance - whether competing or training - reflects our passion for the sport.

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