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"Eight years ago, I made the decision to seek a new trainer that was a better fit for me and my horse. In looking for a new trainer, it was paramount that the trainer I ended up with had similar philosophies to my own. First and foremost, I wanted someone who would treat my horse as if he were their own and always have his best interest at heart. Second, it was important to find someone who would respect my goals for riding and who would challenge us but not push us past our limits. Finally, I wanted someone whose commitment to safety of both rider and horse was on par with my own. Whitney Spicher met all my criteria and more. Over the last eight years, I have continued to be impressed with her dedication to her riders and their mounts and she takes pride in helping them achieve their goals. I now find myself eight years later with 2 young children, and one aging sporthorse. As such, my goals for my riding and for my horse have shifted drastically from when I started riding with Whitney; however, throughout this journey, Whitney has continually respected and supported me as I navigate through these shifts in priorities and goals. Her expert knowledge on horse care and maintenance have been paramount in helping to ensure my aging athlete is sound and happy well into his later years. I feel lucky to ride with someone that understands my strengths and weaknesses, pushes me to be the best rider I can be, and who provides unconditional support in my horse endeavors."


"I have been riding on and off with Whitney for almost 10 years.  She is an extremely passionate instructor with a desire for success for her horse and rider teams.  Her methods are not based in gadgets or quick fixes.  She is there for both her competing and non-competing students equally.  My mare is a very difficult animal to ride sometimes and requires special training and compassion.  Whitney has stood by us during both the good and bad times.  She has seen us through injuries and mental break downs. Whitney also understands the adult amateur.  She shares our hopes and dreams while being there when we pick ourselves apart or have self doubt.  She is always upbeat and sees the best in what each horse and rider have to offer.  It has been a true pleasure to be a part of the Capstone Crew."


"My horse and I have been training with Whitney for the last four years. I am super happy with all aspects of her program.  My weekly lessons encompass a variety of exercises that are always engaging and challenging. Whitney’s teaching and communication style is consistently positive, professional and honest. Goals, whether associated with a specific drill or my competition season are clearly explained. The Capstone barn is always a fun place to be; staff and clients are upbeat, friendly and supportive. I really enjoy the many opportunities that Whitney provides for my horse and I to get out for schooling shows, clinics and recognized Three Day Events. Under Whitney’s guidance, we have come far in the last three years and I am confident we will continue to develop going forward."



"Even though I am not able to ride with Whitney on a regular basis, she and the whole Capstone team are always welcoming when I join them at events.  Whitney is great at explaining ideas in different ways so it ‘clicks’ in my brain. She manages to really push horse and rider, but still keep a sense of humor. I truly appreciate her willingness to be flexible with different people’s schedules and make the most of the time together."



"Whitney is one of the most talented, intelligent, kind, and hard working people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Over the 5 years I rode with her I grew as a rider and learned so much, she pushed me to be the best rider I could be. She's an amazing teacher who genuinely cares about each of her students and their horses. She specializes each lesson to help you and your horse improve. She explains things throughly and is always patient. She always kept things positive and I never saw her without a smile. I made so many memories that will last me forever and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Whitney and her business." 



"Whitney at Capstone Training is the reason I got back into Eventing after a 5 year hiatus from the sport. She helped me find the perfect horse to remind me why I loved riding so much. Her professional, educational and motivational coaching has strengthened me not only as a rider but as a horsewoman. I leave my lessons feeling inspired to work harder and to keep pursuing my aspirations to become a better rider and competitor. I highly recommend Capstone Training to anyone who is looking to reach their riding goals!"

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